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My Philosophy On Style (Part 1)

My Philosophy On Style (Part 1)


I would suppose that it only seems logical that my first post on the blog be in some form of an informal introduction. Yes? No? Either way, I’m sticking to my shiny toy guns and going with it. I think that it is clear to those of you who are reading this that I have an especially high regard for style and fashion- and if it wasn’t clear before, it should be now. With that being said, my passion for these drastically different, yet complementary, concepts is built on the fundamental philosophies that regard the very essence of their raw core and purest form of meaning. Let me further clarify.

It seems in this modern age that the terms ‘style’ and ‘fashion’ have come to be used interchangeably- the reason for which, I can only assume is that they both pertain to, and are centered around, clothing and the like. For the sake of keeping this a (relatively) short and sweet introduction, I will define the relationship between style and fashion in the most simplistic way I see possible, and through an example that many of you can find yourselves familiar with.

“Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.”

Voila! A mere twelve words, or (a shocking) forty-one letters, used to identify and concisely differentiate between two concepts that I could quite honestly spend days ranting and raving about (yes, without sleep). The world of fashion is built, and nurtured by designers who have taken it upon themselves to follow their existential calling, and turn their dreams into tangible and wearable realities. As consumers of fashion, we analyze these pieces, whether it be the moment they hit the runway or as we’re casually browsing through them on store racks, and then we select what we feel best coincides with our own personal sense of ‘style’. With that being said, we have officially arrived at our key topic- the philosophy of style, or more precisely, my philosophy on style.

Style is a form of self-expression. Yes, we have all heard it countless times- so many times in fact, that it almost begins to seem cliché and jaded (I can’t be alone in thinking this). Yet, I still stand firmly behind the idea that one’s unique sense of style becomes a part of their individual identity and vice versa. Furthermore, in regard to my philosophy, I firmly believe that it is an innate attribute to one’s identity that is ineludible and can be neither forsaken, nor avoided.

Consider the example of one who claims that they have an utter disregard for fashion and the industry as whole, and hence, chooses ensembles that they claim merely serve the purpose of cloaking their bodies for the sake of avoiding indecent exposure (disregarding memembers of nudist colonies).  Then, consider the example of one who is claiming a place on the opposite side of the spectrum- they are the artistic, whimsical, fashion-obsessed type that loves adorning themselves in avant-garde ensembles that seem as if they were taken from backstage at a Cirque du Soleil performance. Regardless of their views on fashion or how much of an ‘effort’ they make in choosing their ensembles, both individuals are making a conscious choice in what they wear when they dress themselves each day- hence defining and curating their own unique sense of style.

Essentially, this introduction to Dressed to Death serves as my first premise in explaining my philosophy on style and aims to authenticate the argument that each and every individual possesses it, and for that reason, I also believe that each individual’s sense of personal style should be embraced- without judgement or discrimination. In the same sense that I believe that every individual is entitled to embracing their sense of style without judgement, I also accept that there are individuals who have a philosophy on style that differs from my own. I understand that some of those individuals may continue on as self-proclaimed ‘authoritative figures of fashion, trends and style’, and therefore, may also continue to judge and ‘dictate’ what they find acceptable or not. With that being said, I am not one to dictate or judge the expression of others through their choice clothing and the like, I am merely an observant enthusiast with a passion for analyzing the world of ever-changing fashion and the philosophy of everlasting style.

A vow to the arts, till death do us part.

xx Dressed to Death xx

What's Your Philosophy on Style?

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