Does Wearing Fur Make You a Murderer?

As a writer and an artist, people often ask me the cliché question, "What inspires you?". My answer? The unexpected events of daily life, my physical surroundings, my wardrobe, the news, documentaries, random  thoughts I have while taking a shower, recently read books, and conversations with both loved ones and complete strangers. The list carries on but essentially it's life in general that serves as my cosmic inspiration. With that being said, it was a "friendly" debate with my mother via social media that led me to this contentious topic- wearing authentic animal fur. She advocated a more "anti-fur" stance, whereas I advocated a stance that was more along the lines of "wearing fur as a situational justification". To wear fur or not to wear fur? THAT is the philosophical question. 

The Philosophy of Conflict: #PrayForGaza

In the same sense that I philosophize that individuals should be accepted, and embraced, for their unique sense of style, it is a fundamental idea that is based on the fundamentally humanistic idea that all individuals should be embraced for who they are- regardless of their ethnicity, religion, geographical location or political standpoint. The attached article is a means of putting the conflict between Israel and Palestine into perspective - a reminder of what humanity is truly about. 

Cultivating Your Creativity in a Whimsical Wonderland

Cheshire cats, teacups and hookah smoking caterpillars?  Oh my! Yes, I am making reference to one of the most creative, enticing, and whimsical fairy tale films of all time (drum roll, please)- Alice in Wonderland. While Alice herself may have been neither the picturesque, nor stereotypical Disney princess, she was a seemingly simple girl with an extraordinarily active imagination that more than made up for her lack of possessing the regal title of "princess". At this point, I’m sure many of you are wondering (1): Is this is a film review, and/or (2): How on earth does a children’s fairy tale relate to the fashion industry or personal style? Well dolls, Alice in Wonderland can teach you everything that you need to know about freely cultivating your style and understanding the minds, and creative thought processes, of fashion designers throughout the industry. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, so bare with me. <<click below for full version>>

My Mother's Wardrobe: An Extension of My Style

As a child, did you ever delve into a family members’ wardrobe and have a full-fledged dress-up session? I’ve heard countless, and might I add, humorous stories from friends about invading the wardrobes of their older siblings. Unfortunately, I don’t get the pleasure of reminiscing over ‘that time my older sister nearly self-imploded upon finding me prancing around in her Dior haute couture from the then-latest spring collection’ because I, ladies and gentlemen, was an only child until the age of twelve. So, who’s wardrobe is a young, curious, and artistically-inclined little girl supposed to raid without an older sister to victimize? Well, as you smart snickerdoodle cookies may have guessed (or read from the title), it was none other than my mother dearest (cue the innocent smile and batting of the lashes). <<click below for full version>>

My Philosophy On Style (Part 1)

I would suppose that it only seems logical that my first post on the blog be in some form of an informal introduction. Yes? No? Either way, I’m sticking to my shiny toy guns and going with it. I think that it is clear to those of you who are reading this that I have an especially high regard for style and fashion- and if it wasn’t clear before, it should be now. With that being said, my passion for these drastically different, yet complementary, concepts is built on the fundamental philosophies that regard the very essence of their raw core and purest form of meaning. Let me further clarify. <<click below for full version>>