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The Chronicles of a Little Pink Jacket

The Chronicles of a Little Pink Jacket


Grab a latte and kick off your stilettos- it’s story time with Dressed to Death.  

Once upon a time, there was a young lady who lived in the beautiful metropolitan city of Los Angeles- the skies were always sunny, the street style was forever epic, and the sushi was killer. During the year of 2012, this young lady landed her first job related to the industry of fashion, at the oh so fabulous Nordstrom (the Chanel boutiques always had a stellar selection). She found herself based in menswear (who would have thought), where she put her prior knowledge of design to good use, and learned how to assess, measure, and style, gentlemen for all occasions. One day, while leaving the e-Bar with her usual ‘quad shot espresso over ice’ in hand, she was unexpectedly bumped into by an ‘energetic’ little boy. The moment forever burned into her memory- the dramatic gasp and dropping of the mouth as her caffeine fix splashed across her ivory blazer like the most unfortunate form of abstract art. She cried a little inside, took a deep breath, and then turned a negative situation into a positive equation.

Ruined Blazer + Sleeveless Dress = Expedited Shopping Session

I’ll end the fairy tale narrative and confirm the obvious- yes, the young lady was yours truly. With roughly half an hour of a lunch break remaining, I asked myself what store I would be able to go to, knowing with certainty that I would easily, and quickly, find something that suited my needs. The answer? Zara. Upon entering the store, it only took a matter of seconds before a vibrant pink tweed, mid-thigh length jacket with bracelet-sleeves, caught my attention. I practically ran to it (thank you, Prada, for creating ballet flats that double as emergency running shoes), snatched up my size, asked the cashier to cut off the tags as I swiped my card, and I was out the door just as quickly as I had came in. Mission accomplished.

The purpose of this seemingly random story? Being based out of a segment in menswear, where suits, ties, and dress shirts, were the main attraction, I was encouraged to maintain a business savvy, yet trendy, appearance. I learned to further cultivate a segment of my style that was more reminiscent of Jackie O- timeless, streamlined and refined. Not only was the cultivation of my style a key aspect during this time in my life, but working for Nordstrom was an amazing experience that I will be forever grateful for. I saw my manager of my department as my mentor- he taught me the ‘tricks of the trade’, introduced me to his own personal clients during Nordstrom exclusive events, and helped me further develop, and nurture, my relationships with my own personal clients. More than that, he taught me to believe in myself, my capabilities and my passion. The little pink jacket is a nostalgic reminder of all of the above.

In a wardrobe full of neutrals and pastels, my little pink jacket is definitely a statement piece that catches the eye. With it’s brightness in color, some may argue that it’s neither a timeless, nor staple piece- I beg to differ. The streamlined cut of the jacket opens doors to an endless amount of possibilities- it can be paired with shorts, skirts, or a personal favorite- cigarette pants. The lack of metal embellishments or closures allows an individual such as myself, who typically refrains from mixing different metals (i.e. gold, silver, rose gold, etc.), to accessorize without feeling restrained. The tweed fabric can be easily mixed with a variety of other fabrics- from silk chiffon to basic cotton. It can be paired with edgier pieces for a ‘Chanel in the era of Lagerfeld’ vibe, or with pastels and neutrals for a toned-down feminine take on ‘Chanel in the era of Mademoiselle Coco’.

Many garments and accessories in our wardrobes may have a story behind them- a story that brings back a flood of memories, feelings and emotions. This jacket may not be my favorite piece from my wardrobe in terms of versatility or comfort, but it’s one of my favorites in terms of the story that lies within it. With that being said, I propose ‘The Chronicles of a Little Pink Jacket’.

It began it’s story with a young lady who was on a journey of finding herself in Los Angeles, California. As she begins her newest journey of starting her blog, it is currently nestled safely in her wardrobe closet in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The question is, where will it take her next?


A vow to the arts, till death do us part. 

xx Dressed to Death xx