#GIRLBOSS Review - The Reconfirmation & Inspiration You've Been Waiting For

I hope you’re all jumping up and down in your seats right now- at least those of you who haven’t read #GIRLBOSS yet. Like many of my followers, I was curious as to whether the book was as #epic as it had been portrayed or if it was going to be a cliché best seller that had been overly hyped. I looked forward to the release date, but being stuck in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, I felt that it was better to bide my time and wait until I arrived to the United States to purchase “the risqué beauty”. On a random, yet relevant, side note, I did so because I also find a certain sense of romance in finding, and purchasing, a book you’re longing for in an actual bookstore (as opposed to purchasing it via the internet). Yes, I’m a hopeless romantic.. with an aversion to cheesy romance.