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Jet Set with Victoria's Secret

Jet Set with Victoria's Secret


With the latest designer cruise collections hitting runways around the world, we’re presented with the friendly reminder that travel season is officially upon us. For those of you who do have travel plans, whether they be for a quick domestic getaway or an extended vacation abroad, I empathize with you. While vacations are a terrific way to refresh, revitalize, and regroup, I know that finalizing travel itinerary has the potential to feel like a pounding headache that will seemingly never cease. Reaching your final destination may be the glorious “dessert” that keeps you motivated to continue crossing out those last few items on your impending to-do list, but there is another aspect of travel that can be just as scrumptious- packing! Packing is the enjoyable “antipasto” of travel if done correctly and efficiently- recently attending a press event at Victoria’s Secret reminded me of just that.

The exclusive event was held at my local Victoria’s Secret, and hosted by the stunning Farah Al-Qaderi- the Marketing Coordinator of Victoria’s Secret Middle East. Through a one-on-one tour of the store, she introduced me to all of the store’s newest pieces, including their practical, yet trendy, leather passport holders (available in a variety of colors). Amidst our tour of all things gloriously pink, I was also given an impromptu “course” on their latest fragrance, Forbidden, which is available in a travel size rollerball (you’ll thank me later). Furthermore, she unknowingly managed to rekindle my love of all the Victoria's Secret signature pieces, such as the pink striped train cases and travel brush sets.

Forbidden by Victoria's Secret - Exclusive Press Event 

Forbidden by Victoria's Secret - Exclusive Press Event 

Even though I loved all (yes, all) of the products at the event, I have to choose a favorite, right? Given that my local store exclusively offers accessories and beauty products, I would have to say the makeup bags and travel totes- hands down. As much as I also loved the overnight duffle bags, jet-set collection scarves, and summer-appropriate sunglasses, I’m “a bit” OCD and can’t stand being disorganized- especially when packing for travel.

The rundown of the number of bags necessary for sub-organizing, and packing, my handbag and carry-on when “jet set” (excluding checked luggage):

  1. Makeup
  2. Toiletries
  3. On-the-Go Office Supplies (Part 1)
  4. On-the-Go Office Supplies (Part 2)
  5. Accessories for Electronics
  6. Jewelry of Value
  7. Travel Documents/Essential Forms of Identification
  8. Miscellaneous

So maybe the term “a bit” was used lightly in reference to my OCD- but who thoroughly enjoys being disorganized while in an airport or on a plane? “I do”, said no one ever. My organizational strategies for packing are the exact reason that Victoria's Secret is my "go-to" source for trendy, and practical, travel bags. 

To my fellow jetsetters, trainhoppers, and roadtrippers, I highly recommend investing in the makeup bags and travel totes. They come in a multitude of colors, patterns, sizes and shapes- idealistic for suiting your organizational, and stylistic, needs when packing for, and en route to, your destinations. The current collections are strategically designed, and manufactured, with “easy-wipe” materials (PVC) for those oh-so-unfortunate spills that can happen while you’re making a mad dash to your gate of departure.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that as much as I love stilettos and elaborate clothing, I love functionality, and comfort, just as much. During my packing process, choosing the right loungewear to change into (so that I'm able to catch up on "beauty sleep") is an essential. With that, I also recommend the following staple pieces from the Victoria’s Secret PINK line for international travel and red-eye flights:

  • Bootcut Yoga Pants
  • V-Neck Tees
  • Lightweight Full-Zip Hoodies
  • Lightweight Scarves (I picked up a terrific linen one from the event)

Take a deep breath, run to your local Victoria's Secret, get the essentials, and begin your blissful journey ahead of time by making wise decisions when packing! Whether your flight is a mere few hours, or an international one that encompasses breakfast, lunch, and dinner- think of it as the delectable "apertivo" of your vacation. You deserve it.

But please, whatever you do, do NOT lose your boarding pass. Happy travels, jetsetters. xx

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