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Why Your Oversized Tee Isn't Just For Catching Up On Beauty Sleep

Why Your Oversized Tee Isn't Just For Catching Up On Beauty Sleep


Some of you may roll out of bed with an oversized tee and a pair of boyshorts each morning naturally giving you the inclination that it is not acceptable to also wear your oversized tees out in public. The question I pose to my readers is; Shouldn’t some oversized tees have a coveted spot in your closet and not just a miniscule portion of your dresser, where they’re neatly folded and stowed away for bedtime use?

A recent shopping excursion stemmed as the inspiration for this very post… I hardly gravitate towards graphic tees, because quite frankly I find them to be a bit too commercial. From my early teenage years of obsessing over Abercrombie & Fitch logo tees and Lacoste monogrammed polos, I have a bit of an aversion to my “stylistic” teen-like choices (this also includes anything monogrammed by Gucci, Burberry, Fendi or Dior). Needless to say, on this excursion I instantly fell in love with a “HOLY CHIC” white tee with black lettering - simply because it was edgy, yet chic, and therefore, screamed “ME”. My instincts told me that it would be an extremely versatile piece in my wardrobe because of the black & white color palette, while the font was bold and minimalistic, so it would be even more versatile in terms of pairing and styling.

With a background in not only styling myself personally, but also styling professionally, I grabbed three different sizes to try on in the fitting room. I knew that the variety in fit would also give me a variety in terms of “vibes”, and hence, options for styling different looks. Essentially, I ended up choosing the middle size because it gave me the exact amount of balance - not too fitted, yet not too sloppy. In terms of my style, "too fitted" is reminiscent of casual clubbing in LA and "too sloppy" is reminiscent of someone who’s too hungover to care. Not that I speak from experience... 

So my debate in the fitting room has brought me to this point in time. It's an epiphany of sorts.. on a microscopic yet macrocosmic level. I realize from personal experience and encounters that there are a multitude of questions in terms of pulling off the oversized tee... not that you should doubt yourself when wearing anything, because if you have confidence, you'll rock it like Björk in her epic swan dress. But realistically, we all go through deliberations while in the fitting room. My hat goes off to the savvy ladies who don't even utilize a fitting room, but I'm empathizing with the masses... and obviously myself. 

Tailored yet forgiving black cigarette pants with a black leather belt. Paired with an oversized tee for the perfect balance of comfort and chic. 

Tailored yet forgiving black cigarette pants with a black leather belt. Paired with an oversized tee for the perfect balance of comfort and chic. 

Dilemma No. 1

"How can an oversized tee be flattering to a woman’s silhouette?"

Solution No. 1

"Make sure you balance the enlarged top with a fitting and flattering bottom."

Skinny jeans, as well as leggings, and denim cut-offs are a girl’s best friend. Balanced proportions are everything if one of your concerns is your feminine silhouette. While you may not emphasize the curvature of your waist with a loosely fitted top, you can still emphasize your legs and hips. If it isn't a concern and you want to pair your oversized tee with a pair of flared linen pants, by all means, be my guest. Been there, done that, great success.

Side note: I don’t believe in “jeggings”... I haven’t actually tried a pair of them on  because the term itself is too repulsive - but if you’re an advocate of them, go for it!

Dilemma No. 2

"An oversized tee looks too sloppy and messy - I feel like I just rolled out of bed."

Solution No. 2

"There is a time and place for everything."

Even though the oversized tee may not be the perfect “fit”, you still need to maintain a sense of balance when deciding “how” oversized the tee should be. If it looks like a caftan that's missing the bottom portion of fabric and you're pairing it with your favorite pair of denim cut-offs, and let's say you're going out for a full day filled with errands, appointments, and meetings. You may be borderline between heroine chic and dumpy. I pass no judgement, but unless you want to be thrown out of an establishment for “indecent exposure” or have people wondering if you're actually wearing anything on the bottom portion of your body, you may consider making sure it’s not ridiculously oversized. (See Dilemma No. 3)

Hint: Don't actually wear the same shirt that you slept in the night prior... wash and hang dry prior to use... Please. 

Dilemma No. 3

"Oversized tee’s are too casual and informal."

Solution No. 3 

"Everything can be fixed with the right accessories. Remember the Golden Rule... jewelry, shoes, and handbags are your best friend."

Without giving a vast amount on examples of how to pair your perfectly oversized tee for various occasions, the simplicity of it all lies within the right accessories. A first date dinner at a trendy, fashion-forward restaurant on a cool autumn night? Pair it with a cropped leather jacket, an exquisite clutch, and elegant chandelier earrings for the perfect balance between edgy and chic. Emergency meeting at work where the attire is casual and fashion-friendly? Throw on a structured blazer, an opulent statement necklace and a tailored pair of cigarette pants - Voila! Are you going to be simply running around and doing everything from grocery shopping to a meeting with your financial advisor at your bank? Embrace whatever accessories you have to create the balanced ensemble.  Whether they're vibrant turbans, delicate jewels, killer heels, or simply other garments that are fabric rich - they're your tools to success. 

In the same sense that your accessories are your tools to success, the art of styling is the very key to the ultimate transformation- the possibilities are endless.

Get creative. Imagine it, execute it, love it. 



A vow to the arts, till death do us part.

xx Dressed to Death xx

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