Q: What is the Dressed to Death mission?

A: The Dressed to Death mission is relatively simple: promoting the acceptance and celebration of "the art of individual expression". As established in various articles in "The Philosophies" section of the blog, Dressed to Death deems "style" as an undeniable (and innate) attribute to one's personal identity, and hence, should be embraced and accepted without judgement or discrimination.

It is Dressed to Death's mission to also emphasize that there are many core differences between "style" and "fashion"- the two should neither be confused for one another, nor should the terms be used interchangeably. While the world of fashion is a spectacular one filled with artistic visionaries, the "trends" which it produces should never hold absolute power that dictates what one wears from season to season. Express yourself freely.

Q: Is Dressed to Death anti-trend?

A: Dressed to Death is not anti-trend, but is merely an advocate for finding a balance between one's own intrinsic sense of style and the perceived trends "of the season" that hold potential to stem as sources of inspiration. 

Find a way to make a trend "your own"- life too short to blend into the abyss of the crowd.

Q: What is the "Philosophy of Style"?

A: The Philosophy of Style is a set of arguments and viewpoints that attempt to pinpoint the quintessential elements and essence of the "style".

Outlined in various articles, the segments are as follows: